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Asking Price

$ 23000

Vocal Vibe

Music Lessons Platform

We are trying to change music education by bridging the gap between aspiring singers and expert vocal coaches through a dynamic online platform. It offers personalized coaching, real-time feedback, and a supportive community for singers at all levels.

Problem Solved

Navigating the journey to becoming a skilled vocalist can be daunting without proper guidance. VocalVibe eliminates this obstacle by providing accessible, high-quality vocal training, enabling singers to refine their talent and reach their full potential from anywhere in the world.

Selling Points / Additional Information

VocalVibe isn't just about lessons; it's a vibrant ecosystem where singers can share their progress, participate in challenges, and get exposure to various musical styles and techniques. It's designed to be an engaging, comprehensive solution for vocal improvement and artistic growth.

Revenue Stream

We are charging a $ 30 (depends on the region) subscription fee for access to its personalized coaching services, supplemented by premium fees for advanced features and expert-led workshops.


Revenue generation stage: ★★★☆☆
Maturity stage: ★★★★★
Commitment level required: ★★★★☆

Awards & Recognitions

None yet.

Tech Stack

Frontend: React (for a rich, interactive user experience)
Backend: Django (for a powerful, scalable application backend)
Hosting and Storage: AWS (ensuring reliable, scalable hosting)


TTM Revenue & Earnings: $5,000 revenue; $1,600 earnings
Last 30 Day Earnings and Revenue: $1800 revenue; $420 earnings


Year: Early 2023
Location: California, United States

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