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Asking Price

$ 14800

Pet Patrol

Petcare Marketplace

Pet Patrol is a comprehensive petcare marketplace designed for pet owners seeking reliable and personalized care services for their furry friends. It connects pet owners with a wide network of petcare providers, including walkers, sitters, groomers, and veterinarians, all in one user-friendly platform.

Problem Solved

Finding quality petcare can be time-consuming and stressful for pet owners. Pet Patrol solves this by offering a centralized platform where owners can find and book trusted petcare providers, ensuring their pets receive the best care even when they are busy or away.

Selling Points / Additional Information

Wide Range of Services: From walking and sitting to grooming and veterinary care, Pet Patrol offers a full spectrum of petcare services to meet every pet's needs.
Vetted Providers: All petcare providers on Pet Patrol are thoroughly vetted for expertise and reliability, giving pet owners peace of mind.
Ease of Use: With an intuitive interface and streamlined booking process, Pet Patrol makes finding and managing petcare services simple and hassle-free.

Revenue Stream

Commission Based: from each booking made through the platform, coupled with premium subscription options for pet owners seeking additional features and benefits.


Revenue generation stage: ★★★☆☆
Maturity stage: ★★★☆☆
Commitment level required: ★★★★☆

Awards & Recognitions

None yet.

Tech Stack

React for the frontend,
Node.js for the backend,
Firebase for real-time database and hosting,
Stripe for payment processing


TTM Revenue & Earnings: $4,000 revenue; $1,200 earnings
Last 30 Day Revenue & Earnings: $1,800 revenue; $700 earnings


Year: Mid 2023
Location: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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