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Asking Price

$ 90000


Lead Generator

10x Leads & upgrade email marketing strategy with Leadog. Only platform to deliver organic leads from email marketing campaigns to the landing pages. Freedom to aggressive cold outreach with personalized engagements.

Problem Solved

Overcoming Fundamental Challenges in Cold Outreach for Lead Generation in the Competitive Tech Landscape
- 90% of leads are bot-generated.
- Unreliable open and click rate analytics.
- Insufficient anti-spam measures
- No strategy for analyzing lead behavior.
- Low lead-to-sale conversion rates.
- High costs from aggressive emailing

Selling Points / Additional Information

Reasons to Choose Leadog as Your Cold Outreach Platform
1. Organic Lead Generation with Advanced Bot Detection Technology
2. AI-Driven Click and Engagement Analytics
3. Personalized Lead Engagement for Higher Conversion Rates

Revenue Stream

Subscription Based:  3 tier subscription models including:
30 Days trial, $99/month/Walk, $249/month/Run, $999/month/Fly


Revenue generation stage: ★★☆☆☆
Maturity stage: ★★★☆☆
Commitment level required: ★★★★☆

Awards & Recognitions

None yet

Tech Stack

SQL Server


TTM Revenue & Earnings: TBD upon meeting
Last 30 Day Earnings and Revenue: TBD upon meeting


Year: Early 2024
Country: Odisha, India

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