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Asking Price

$ 5000


Dating App

Flagged is simply not your basic dating app. Looking at the market, we can both agree that if you have one dating app, then you have them all. Flagged operates in such a dynamic way by introducing a new concept and approach to meeting like minded individuals all within one community. Utilizing both Red and Green flags, users are given the opportunity to be completely honest from the start. Not only does this concept add a different layer of fun, but it encourages interaction with other users in a way that other dating applications simply do not.

Problem Solved

We have identified three major problems that users are currently facing when using a dating application to meet other people.
1. Limitations on basic activities. For example, on Bumble a user is only given a certain amount of likes during a period of time until the clock resets. Badoo doesn't allow you to message other users unless you match or still have available "likes".
2. Creativity is limited to very few options to choose from. Single, Married, and Divorced. What if the user wishes to be separated or in a complicated relationship? Word counts and limits annoys users because it feels like they are restricted to only choosing or saying what the dating app wants you to say.
3. Pricing imposes restrictions on what the user can or cannot do. I don't like paying an extra amount of money in order to see who has liked me or who has seen my profile. Its bogus. Simple features like that should be free to do without paying an additional 9.99 per month. Or how about coughing up money for credits? Flagged simply solves these problems. Very few limitations Creativity is encouraged and allowed Users can use every feature at no cost to them.

Selling Points / Additional Information

1. Flagged offers a streamlined experience for any and all users. Creating a profile and customizing it has never been any easier! Flagged also prevents bot accounts from creating profiles by imposing a structured user verification system, One Time Passwords.

2. Complete transparency between the users. There are no hidden fees, contracts, obligations to monthly plans, or any "hooks". Transparency also in a way of being honest within the community of users.

3. Complete trust between the app and the users. All information provided is secured and encrypted into managed databases that are only accessible with permissions and moderation systems.

Revenue Stream

Advertisement Based : Strictly advertisement based. We implemented AdMob and AdSense


Revenue generation stage:  ★☆☆☆☆
Maturity stage:  ★★★☆☆
Commitment level required: ★★★★☆

Awards & Recognitions

None yet.

Tech Stack

Google Play Console




Year: Early - 2023
Country: United States

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