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Asking Price

$ 1000000


AI Homework & Assignment Helper

AssignmentGPT AI is a powerful, AI-driven tool designed to assist students with their academic needs. Whether you're working on essays, research papers, or any other assignments, AssignmentGPT AI provides humanized, accurate content with proper references tailored to your requirements. With features like content generation, topic research, writing assistance, a math solver for complex equations, and an innovative upload image and get answers feature, AssignmentGPT AI simplifies your academic journey, ensuring you achieve the best results with ease.

Problem Solved

AssignmentGPT AI solves the problem of finding reliable, accurate, and well-referenced academic content quickly and efficiently. It streamlines the process of researching, writing, and solving complex equations, saving students time and reducing stress while ensuring high-quality results for their assignments.

Selling Points / Additional Information

- Humanized Content: Generates human-like, natural content that is accurate and well-referenced, enhancing the quality of your assignments.
- Math Solver: Tackles complex mathematical problems with ease, providing step-by-step solutions.
- Image-Based Answers: Innovative feature allowing you to upload images and get instant answers, perfect for visual and practical queries.
- Comprehensive Tool: Combines content generation, topic research, writing assistance, and problem-solving in one seamless platform.
- Unique Offering: There are very few tools available that offer such a comprehensive suite of features specifically designed for students.
- Time-Saving: Significantly reduces the time spent on academic tasks, allowing students to focus on learning and understanding.
- Ease of Use: User-friendly interface designed to make academic assistance straightforward and accessible to all students.

Revenue Stream

Freemium : Monthly Plans priced at $6.99, $9.99, and $14.99, Yearly Plans priced at $69.99, $99.99, and $149.99, Top-up purchases priced at $3.99 , and Lifetime Plans priced at $199, with a Free Trial of 3000 words.


Revenue generation stage: ★★★★☆
Maturity stage: ★★★★☆
Commitment level required: ★★★★☆

Awards & Recognitions

None yet.

Tech Stack

- Frontend: React.js, Next.js - Backend: Node.js, Express.js - Database: MongoDB - AI/ML Models: OpenAI's Fine Tune Model, custom NLP models - Hosting: AWS, Vercel, Amplify - Authentication: Firebase Auth - Storage: AWS S3 - CMS: Strapi - APIs: RESTful API, GraphQL - DevOps: Docker, Kubernetes - Version Control: Git, GitHub - CI/CD: GitHub Actions - Monitoring: Langfuse


TTM Revenue & Earnings: $90221 revenue; $42221 earnings
Last 30 Day Earnings and Revenue: $6768 revenue; $2768 earnings

Monthly Expenses $4000


Year: Late 2023
Location: Surat, India

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