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Selectively Curated: We approve only  3 out of every 10 startups submitted.

This means you get to choose from the very best, giving your investments a strong start.

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 From initial offer to final handshake enjoy fast and secure acquisitions with our expert team and hassle-free transaction system tailored for micro acquisitons.

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Startup Exit processs dashboard
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AI startup for sale person

SaaSquare turned the hunt for the micro SaaS projects into a smooth, exciting find for me—like shopping !

Caleb, Owner of MicroLab Portfolio 
Micro Startup Portfolio builder

They (SaaSquare) provided an accessible platform to showcase my work and connect with serious buyers

Andrew, Sold Chupinxiu  ( 出品秀 )
Micro startup buy person

Several People suggested SaaSquare - I tried it out and it does exactly what I need it to do.

Don, Sold ByteBrew
SaaS startup for sale person

I am thrilled to announce my successful exit from Real Box Data sold to Alpha AI. This was a significant milestone for me 🚀🚀

Aarav, Sold RealBox Data
Informational Purpose Only
Side Business 🚀
Investing 📈
Growth Potential
Exceeds SP500 by a long shot in general. 100+ % growth rates are possible
Returns depend on market conditions, generally moderate. (av. 10 %)
While earnings can vary widely, a cloud project of course multiples the typical 4% annual earnings from traditional investments significantly.
Traditional investments might offer an annual dividends around 2-4%, considered low ROI
Direct Operational Control
Full authority over strategic decisions and growth.
Limited to no influence over operational decisions.
Tax Benefits and Deductions
Allows for a wide range of expense deductions and helps tax planning.
Limited tax advantages and fewer deduction opportunities.
Personal and Professional Development
Enhances a broad skill set and personal development.
Improves financial literacy but offers limited professional growth.
Passion & Fulfillment
Skin in the game ! Offers deep personal satisfaction from turning a small project into a profitable venture.
May not provide the same level of fulfillment because stakes are lower.
S&P 500 vS Micro Startup
Micro Cloud Startup for Sale
Micro AI Startup
Micro SaaS Startup 1
24/7 Personalized
Sale Support
  • How can I update my account details?
    you can update the informations and personalize your account on - Website : click the profile image on the top right corner. - Mobile : Click the menu button on the top right corner and click the profile image on the top of the menu to customize your profile.
  • How can I contact SaaSquare for technical assistance?
    You can contact us through the chat for basic question that you may have to resolve. For more detailed questions you can use the contact us forum in the bottom of the main page.
  • Can I have multiple accounts or projects listed under one account?
    To provide a more secure and curated database you can create only one account under per company or per person. This will be verified with "Persona LLC." but you can list a whole portfolio under one account there is no limitations for that.
  • How do I set up notifications for new project listings?
    The quiz you did the when you signed up on SaaSquare will be used to give you the most suitable Projects that you may interested via email. You can unsubscribe anytime you want. If you want to set-up a specific project alarm you can contact us with "Contact Us" form.
  • What privacy controls do I have over my account information?
    We do not sell or give you informations to any company that will not be in the process. You may have to confirm your identity to do certain things (project listing, Making an offer etc.). for additional information check out the ( )
  • What steps should I take if I forget my login password?
    you can reset you password through clicking reset my password button and follow the instructions that are provided.
  • What kind of due diligence does SaaSquare recommend before purchasing?
    SaaSquare approves all financial details and the profile of the Project & Owner. We advise buyers to conduct thorough due diligence by reviewing the project's details, financials, and Project Details on the platform, you can contact us for any additional information or documentation needed.
  • Can I negotiate the price of a project with the seller?
    Yes, you can negotiate the price with the seller. Use the " Make An Offer" feature to discuss pricing and terms directly, allowing for flexibility in finalizing the deal.
  • How are transactions secured by SaaSquare?
    Transactions are secured through the use of escrow services, where funds are held securely until all terms of the purchase agreement are met, ensuring a safe and trustworthy exchange. you may find detailed answer at : ( )
  • What happens if there's a dispute with a purchase?
    In case of a dispute, SaaSquare offers a resolution process involving mediation between the buyer and seller to reach a fair outcome, with customer support available for guidance 24/7.
  • How do I get support after purchasing a project?
    After purchasing a project, support is provided by SaaSquare for transferring ownership and any initial setup assistance required, with additional resources available in the platform's help center.
  • How do I find the right project for my needs on SaaSquare?
    To find the right project on SaaSquare, use the search and filter options to narrow down listings by category, technology stack, revenue, and other criteria relevant to your interests.
  • How does the payment process work for buying a project?
    The payment process involves an escrow service for secure transactions. After agreeing on terms with the seller, funds are held in escrow until all conditions are met, ensuring a safe transfer of assets. for more detailed information please visit : ( )
  • What steps should I follow to make a purchase on SaaSquare?
    To make a purchase, select a project of interest, review the details, and use the "Buy The Project" feature to initiate the purchase process through direct communication or SaaSquare's secure transaction system.
  • How do I list my Startup for sale on SaaSquare?
    To list your project on SaaSquare, create an account, navigate to the "List Your Project" section int he menu, and fill out the listing form with your project details. ( )
  • What information should I include in my project listing?
    Include comprehensive information in your listing, such as project description, tech stack, revenue details, growth potential, and any unique selling points. The sections are already provided so just fill them correctly and that's all.
  • Can I choose who buys my project?
    While you can't choose your buyer directly, you can vet potential buyers through SaaSquare's platform by reviewing their inquiries and profiles before proceeding with the sale.
  • How are the pricing and valuation for my project determined?
    Pricing and valuation depend on various factors, including your project's current revenue, growth trajectory, and market demand, which you can set or get assistance with from SaaSquare's tools you can check it at ( ).
  • Which payments methods are supported by SaaSquare?
    We are supporting a variety of payment options including bank transfers (International), credit/debit card payments (w Stripe), and cryptocurrency payments (w CoinBase), facilitating ease of transaction for all users.
  • What fees are associated with selling my project on SaaSquare?
    Listing Fee: There is no listing fee for your project. You can list you projects completely free of charge. Transaction Fee: An 8& percent commission of the sale price upon successful transaction. No hidden charges, ensuring transparency throughout the whole process.
  • What happens after my project is sold?
    Upon sale, SaaSquare assists with the ownership transfer process, providing guidance and support to ensure a smooth transition, including escrow services for secure payment handling. The payments arrive time may fluctuate depending on the country and the region. For EU and US it takes less than 24-hours to process the payment.
  • How can I ensure my project stands out to potential buyers?
    Enhance your project's appeal by providing a detailed, clear, and compelling listing, emphasizing unique selling points, and maintaining an active presence to respond to inquiries promptly. Plus we send your Projects details to the potential buyers that are selected with AI - Powered algorithm via email.
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